Red Wine Tasting

Start exploring the wonderful world of red wine in this 90 minute tasting session.

White Wine Tasting

Begin your journey into the depths of the white wines of the world in this 90 minute tasting session.

Climate Tasting

Journey across the world with this 90 minute horizontal tasting session showing how different grape growing climates can affect the final wine. 

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Ros-yay or Ros-nay?

Ros-yay or Ros-nay?

When someone suggests drinking a Rosé wine, I have to be honest, my heart sinks a little at the prospect that if I say yes, I’m going to be presented with a generic medium-sweet white Zinfandel straight out of the vineyards in California or that time-old favourite,...
To Blend or Not to Blend?

To Blend or Not to Blend?

Myth: Blended wines are inferior quality There’s a lot of controversy and snobbery over the quality of blended wines vs. single-varietal wines, but is that warranted or not in the world of winemaking? Blending grape varieties allows a winemaker more control over...
Woodchester Valley – Festive Fizz

Woodchester Valley – Festive Fizz

When you think of Christmas Eve dates, what do you think of? Candlelit dinners, coffee shop afternoons, last minute whizzing around the shops together? For me, I couldn’t think of anything more perfect than an afternoon wandering around vineyards and partaking in a...